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Taiyō noun  [Japanese word for the Sun ☀️ ]

Our mission is to shed light on complex decisions to help multinational companies go from reactive to proactive opportunity and threat management.

Taiyō aggregates, curates, and predicts
the world’s data so
you don’t have to


How we help our customers

Pursue Less, Win More.

AI to identify relevant early-stage project opportunities with the largest live database of global projects and tenders across sectors:

Panoramic Risk Perspective.

Using AI to identify and predict external threats to proactively manage risk:

    Time-effective means to monitor the breadth of external influencers

    Proactive decision-making to inform project risk-management

Screen Opportunities, Before the Market.

Aggregating data and use AI to capitalize on relevant opportunities:

    Reduce project screening time by 90%

    Save due diligence time and operating expenses