Core Analytics Engine

  • Reduce data cleaning, aggregating, and modeling time by 90%
  • Benchmark and evaluate predictions instantly
  • Search and add new data, models, or customize with no-coding

Developer Tools for ESG analysis
No-Code GUI to accelerate AI adoption for global business impact

Taiyō’s no-code and low-code interface provides actionable insights at your fingertips, bypassing the complexities. User-friendly, time-series AI algorithms produce data-driven predictions and connection trends to trigger early-warning alerts to catch ESG drivers from a more comprehensive perspective.

  • Customers can auto-generate dashboard reports with uncertainty bounded predictions for specified time series indicators generating valuable ESG analysis 90% more efficiently.
  • The Taiyō Toolkit can be run on both a local computer or cloud infrastructure.
  • The full life cycle of analysis becomes streamlined with an engine that provides custom analytics based on curated global data.