Panoramic Risk Perspective

  • Time-effective means to monitor the breadth of external influencers
  • Proactive decision-making to inform project risk-management

Project Risk Management
Using AI to Identify and Predict External Threats

Large infrastructure organizations use Taiyō Infra’s Project Risk page as a risk radar to simultaneously monitor cross-domain forecasts on specified time-frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly). Taiyō’s AI methods can provide predictions at multiple time-horizons, can quantify the related uncertainties, and track changes and shocks dynamically as they occur.

  • Trending risks provide a high-level alert signal for executives and can trigger contingent actions ranging from tweaking resource allocation, to deferring some actions, to (in the extreme case) abandoning the project to cut losses.
  • Taiyō Infra uses advanced data and AI capabilities to create a risk monitoring system, a tool to reduce the impact of externalities
  • Taiyō can be used at the earliest stage of project scoping to inform the project specific and portfolio-wide global strategy.