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Evaluate opportunities, assess risk, understand global and local markets, and make better decisions with the most powerful and comprehensive data and AI platform available anywhere.

Find relevant signals and wipe out the noise of data and complexity.

Our Customers:

  • The world's largest asset managers use our data to inform infrastructure portfolio decisions
  • Major insurance companies use our insights to augment their risk analysis for billion dollar policies
  • Top 3 consulting firms gather broader intelligence for their clients with our AI-ready, clean data

Learn how organizations use Taiyō to answer critical questions on infrastructure.

Proprietary Infrastructure Datamesh

We have the largest living unbiased and comprehensive database of infra-curated information.
Our team brings PhD level domain knowledge in AI, statistics, and economic policy to curate a diverse collection of reliable data sources for analysts and decision-makers to serve as a standard across and beyond industries.

Evaluate and Benchmark Opportunities

We have built the world’s largest standardized opportunity set for the public procurement marketplace ($14 Trillion annual). Our database can directly help identify trending project development opportunities, generate leads, and benchmark new opportunities. Benchmarking provides our clients the ability to compare projects to other similar projects and learn from success and failure of similar projects in a data-driven manner.

Risk Monitoring and Analysis

Panoramic and dynamic measures of threats and vulnerabilities, including, climate, logistics, economy, geopolitics, consumer sentiment, technology, trade, environment, social, governance, and policy interventions at the national, state, city, and neighborhood level impacting an infrastructure asset or the portfolio.

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