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Evaluate opportunities, assess risk, understand global and local markets, and make better decisions with the most powerful and comprehensive data and AI platform available anywhere.

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Find relevant signals through the noise of data and complex resource allocation and planning issues

Learn how organizations across sectors use Taiyō to answer critical questions on infrastructure project opportunities, risk management, commodity procurement, or to operationalize a long-run actionable AI strategy.

    Assess the landscape of project opportunities
    Identify existing early-stage projects and tenders, understand the dynamic evolution of the global market, and generate leads.

    Analyze risk and resilience of assets
    Measure vulnerabilities, including, climate, logistics, economic, geopolitical, consumer sentiment, technology or trade movements, impacts, and policy interventions at the national, state, city, and neighborhood level.

    Evaluate opportunities
    See the impact of long-term economic impact, benchmark , and evaluate with similar opportunities with an on-demand project and country risk and relevancy of the opportunity.

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