Taiyō.AI Solutions

Infra Intelligence Platform

Uncover Insights for Better Outcomes in Infrastructure

Powered by the Taiyō.AI data mesh. Our platform is designed to provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction businesses (EPCs) with the insights and tools they need to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes in three critical areas: Project Identification, Opportunity Evaluation, and Participant Landscape

Opportunity and Pipeline Management


The Taiyō.AI Intelligence Platform offers the most comprehensive view of proposed, early-stage global infrastructure projects available anywhere.

  • Unprecedented access to relevant global opportunities
  • Search the global project pipeline across industries and geographies
  • Identifying the complete opportunity set is key to selectivity

Search for project opportunities by:

  • Geography
  • Project category
  • Project subcategories
  • Project sponsors
  • Budget
  • Project Phase

Project and Participation History


Understanding the past is a key to making better decisions.

  • Grow awareness of existing relationships, track records and tendencies
  • Select your projects and partners with more confidence

  • Granular and aggregated details inform a more complete market-view
  • Review past project details to to inform current opportunities
  • Peer into the unique ecosystem of each project category 
  • Drive insights on the interconnection of sectors, geographies and entities

Dynamic Market Intelligence


Understand the participant landscape for a chosen market with newfound clarity.

  • Landscape intelligence for your market of interest

  • Evaluate the activity and experience of your potential competitors

  • Learn from similar project experiences
  • Unlock Unrivaled Market Insights: Dynamic Competitive Intelligence at Your Fingertips