Empower Planning, Execute with Enhanced Visibility

For government builders, learning from the experience of others can bring significant quality and efficiency benefits.  Taiyo’s proprietary infrastructure data-mesh contains up to 65 years of historic records relating to previous projects, which bring potential to gain important insights into their stakeholders, participants, risks and outcomes.

Improve your planning process by enriching it with the experience of others.  For example, view the most experienced and successful builders and suppliers for your geography and project type.  Directly contact other government agencies to hear their experiences.  Be aware of the construction activity around you and plan the timing of your project around the expected availability of workers.

Benefit from Previous Building Activity


Conduct a More Efficient

Pre-Planning Process

Identify & research past similar projects to improve planning, budget creation, consensus building, ec


Identify More Capable Providers in

Each Category

Find the most active EPCs, architects and consultants for a project type to conduct diligence


Evaluate Providers More Effectively


Contact the clients, builders and other participants to better understand risks, obstacles and outcomes

Execute More Thoughtfully


Project Specific Risk

Evaluate category or location specific risks. Research similar projects that have failed


Improve Scheduling & Planning


Use visibility to all construction activity to avoid short term supply bottlenecks for material & labor