Suppliers & Subcontractors

Taiyō.AI Solutions

Secure Opportunities, Streamline Demand Visibility

Managing business in this next era of change will necessitate better visibility of the activities that result in opportunity.  With the largest infrastructure curated data mesh, Taiyo provides the greatest visibility to a number of critical pipeline activities.

Whether you’re a material supplier or subcontractor searching for direct RFP/RFQ opportunities, newly awarded mega projects, or identifying influential early-stage architects or consultants, Taiyō can be invaluable in identifying where your focus should be.

Business Development


Search Directly for Relevant RFQ Opportunities

Pursue opportunities with EPCs and GCs sourcing product. Establish early exposure to opportunities


Identify Recently Awarded Projects by Category

Find Prospective opportunities by category, location, etc. Access new commercial opportunities at scale


Gain Visibility to a Pipeline of Relevant Mega-Projects

Develop a healthy pipeline of future opportunities, search by geography and/or project category

Strategic Planning


Visibility to Competitive Landscapes of Any Market

Find the most active geographies for a given project category


Identify Potential Partners & Buyers in a Market

Find the most active EPCs, architects, consultants and competitors for a given market