Our Mission: Sustainable Infrastructure Planning

There is a planned $100T infrastructure-related global investment in the coming 2-3 decades. The infrastructure sector has a big impact on the sustainable development and long-term economic resilience of nations. However, the sector is lagging in AI adoption, perhaps 10 years behind the consumer internet industry. An opportunity to empower the stakeholders looking for sound opportunity and threat management including (a) inform how investment decisions are made, (b) manage portfolio-wide risk, (c) long-term economic impact at both a micro and macro scale.

Meet the Team

The Taiyō team includes interdisciplinary global experts leading work at the intersection of artificial intelligence and social science. The Taiyō team brings decades of experience, including from Stanford University, UC Berkeley, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, International Finance Corporation. Taiyō is founded by one of the world’s leading AI experts and the former head of Stanford University’s AI Index, and the leadership team including prominent Silicon Valley tech executives, investors, policy, and domain experts.

Our Investors

We're well funded by a select group of investors that we admire, including Abby Kearns (CTO, Puppet), Canice Wu (Head of Insurance, Salesforce), Drew DeWalt (Co-founder and COO, Rhumbix), Evan Schnidman (CEO of Prattle), Emmanuel Prevost (co-founder and CTO of meetic),Julien Coulon (CEO of Cedexis and Managing Director, CreditMutuel Venture Capital), Jay Aurora (Investor, G-Squared).

Our Partners